Uplifting!YUNGTAY cooperates with Lingpai Real Estate to create intelligent habitat in Gansu
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Gansu, also known as Gan or Long, is one of the important birthplaces of the Yellow River civilization of the Chinese nation, and a key communication hub of the Ancient Silk Road. The other day, YUNGTAY signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Gansu Lingpai Real Estate; as the best in their respective industries, both sides help each other grow through the resulting alliance between giants, comprehensively impelling the socio-economic development of cities along the Belt and Road Initiative for the well-being of the citizens of Gansu.

Gansu Lingpai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

As a company under Gansu Lingpai Industrial Group, Gansu Lingpai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. holds a level-I qualification for real estate development; thanks to the tremendous strength of the Group, Lingpai's the real estate development business has been booming, which led to business brands such as 'Youjia International' and 'Jiuxiu Jiayuan'. Lingpai Real Estate has been seeking perfection in the selection of project facilities. The stable stability and considerate user-friendly design of YUNGTAY products make them trusted choice of Gansu Lingpai for its projects.

The products chosen by Lingpai for its present development projects are elevators e’IQ-R with small motor room and elevators Vans-R without motor room; the products are as reliable as the excellent products launched before by YUNGTAY. In addition to YUNGTAY's proprietary patented inventions in safety ('brake force detection' and 'automated rescue system for car slip'), the products are designed with YUNGTAY's cloud networking system that offers GPS positioning service. The intelligent network technology and the mobile IoT technology enable the elevators, maintenance stations and maintenance personnel to be presented in real time on the digital location information map; this remarkably improves the service accuracy at all nodes from the installation through to the maintenance & servicing of elevators, thereby assuring the safe operation of elevators.


Established in 1966, YUNGTAY has been adhering to its service tenet 'CONSIDERATE FOR YOU ALL THE TIME' to provide customers with differentiated services, and to provide users with comfortable and pleasant mobile spaces. From technology research and development to production, from sales to after-sales service, YUNGTAY pursues perfection in every process, and strives to bring consumers an extraordinary elevator ride experience in addition to establishing and leading industry standards constantly.

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