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We are determined to create 'the three first's' as our mission and business philosophy.

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'Caring for life; showing respect; active participation; earnest service'

is the love DNA that YUNGTAY is proud of.

During its pursuit of growth, YUNGTAY actively participates in solving social employment problems, developing talents, and adhering to the Chinese tradition of 'doing more for the public good and doing more good deeds'.

YUNGTAY has long been committed to charity and public welfare, and actively explored and solved the social problems of helping the disabled; through a wide range of university-enterprise cooperation and the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, YUNGTAY created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Funding the Yagou School in Acheng District, Harbin to facilitate the education industry in Acheng.

Providing emergency support for the mudslide affected areas of Zhouqu and the earthquake disaster areas of Wenchuan and Lushan.

Established long-term scholarships and faculty fellowships at Harbin Institute of Technology;

donated elevators to Dujiangyan Youai School; established the first modern accessible school in China.

Established Shanghai the fund of student aid and entrepreneurship for students from families suffering from the earthquake at the Institute of Visual Arts.

Helped build Qingshui Middle School in Meishan, Sichuan Province, and set up long-term scholarships.

Made donations to Shangha Charity Foundation regarding Project Hope and other programs.