Leaders of Standing Committee of the Songjiang District People's Congress paid a visit to YUNGTAY
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Government Work Report 2018:

'Orderly carry out the renovation of urban villages and old neighborhoods,

improve the supporting facilities, and encourage the villages and neighborhoods where conditions permit to install elevators.'

In positive response to the call, YUNGTAY

accelerated the development of its installation business,

so as to make contributions to

people's wonderful lives.

On April 16, Deputy Director Wu Jianliang of the Standing Committee of the Songjiang District People's Congress and his party arrived at YUNGTAY for an investigation on the installation of elevators for old buildings. The party included Huang Shuiping, Director of Urban Development & Environmental Protection Commission under the Standing Committee of People's Congress, Tang Kenong, Deputy Director of the Housing and Security Administration of Songjiang District, Wang Daodao, Chairman of the People's Congress of Jiuting Town, Zhang Yongbing, Deputy Director of Songjiang Telecommunications Bureau, etc.; the party was accompanied by senior leaders of all divisions of YUNGTAY.

Government-enterprise cooperation for real happiness

At the symposium, the mission leaders and YUNGTAY's representatives delivered enthusiastic speeches and discussions on 'how to effectively carry out government-enterprise cooperation and establish the new model of installation of elevators for old buildings'. The application of YUNGTAY's 'national layout planning for installation of elevators for old buildings' and 'one-stop installation service' in the elevator installation market was given full recognition and high appreciation.

According to Director Wu Jianliang, Government of Songjiang District would give all-out support to YUNGTAY so that it could explore more and better ways to solve problems in people's wellbeing. Putting the well-being project of elevator installation for the people into practice will offer elevators for more old buildings.

One-stop service passed on the warmth

The installation of elevators for old neighborhoods have been brought under China's 'top ten initiatives concerning people's livelihood'. YUNGTAY took the lead in deploying the professional front-end talent and using intelligent technologies such as 'AI face recognition', 'patented brake force safety technology', and 'GPS IoT positioning' for elevator installation. Besides, YUNGTAY established the department of elevator installation for old buildings in a dozen cities to render service for old neighborhoods in all parts of China.

From environment survey to after-sales service, YUNGTAY provided community residents all along with professional services regarding the one-stop installation of elevators, caring for the elderly mobility and warming people's livelihood.

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