Racing against Time, and Fighting against the Viruses - YUNGTAY Assisted in the Novel Coronavirus Em
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Help one another and unite as one; these words linked up with our hearts during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. Racing against time, and fighting against the viruses; to win the fight against the epidemic, YUNGTAY agglomerates mental efforts, having been adhering to the creed 'actions speak louder than words'.

In Yunnan, a province relying largely on tourism, the number of confirmed cases in Yunnan Province is rising due to the Spring Festival holiday; as of 16:00 on February 12, the cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 154, the establishment of emergency wards was imminent. On February 6, Kunming Office of Key Project Construction released a notice: To effectively control the epidemic situation of COVID-19 and enhance the capacity of Kunming of admitting and treating a large number of COVID-19 patients during the outbreak, the Novel Coronavirus Emergency Ward Construction Project will be launched and scheduled to go into service on February 28. Despite the risk of epidemic, YUNGTAY made positive response, provided rapid support, and carried out emergency preparation; by right of its solid technologies, excellent quality and dedicated service, YUNGTAY delivered elevator facilities to the infection wards of this project.

Epidemic Map

The Most Beautiful Retrograde

'I'm always prepared to devote myself to my motherland!' To win the fight against the epidemic, 'those who brave the dangerous situation' voluntarily went to the construction site in Kunming, and made every effort to shorten the time for site survey, manufacturing and elevator installation and commissioning. YUNGTAY's key employees returned to work ahead of schedule, while YUNGTAY performed emergency transfer of its stock parts and manufactured special parts; the production and shipment of elevators of specified quality in designated quantity was finished within 5 days based on rigorous standards. Everybody spared no pains to ensure the early completion and commissioning of the Novel Coronavirus Emergency Ward Construction Project in Kunming for prevention of the epidemic spread; all the efforts made demonstrate the steadfast determination of people to gain early victory over the epidemic.

Racing against the clock

Ready and waiting

The fight against COVID-19 admits of no delay; only through concerted efforts can we withstand the epidemic. Despite the 2800 kilometers from Shanghai to Kunming, Shanghai was determined to provide support for Yunnan! YUNGTAY made positive contributions to the fight against the epidemic through courageous and resolute actions, which confirms the firm determination and cohesion of YUNGTAY's employees!

In the face of the epidemic, we are closely linked up and help each other.

In the face of difficulties, we stick together and unite as one.

We cling to the hope that we will triumph over the COVID-19 soon!

Go China!

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