Yungtay elevator for villas

Based on the humanized safety protection, ten-year quality guaranteed main machine, and high efficiency and energy saving LED illumination devices, Yungtay brings you a wonderful villa life experience with the consistent tenet of 'Safety first'.

In a modernized villa, a family stays together

The delicate decoration of Susy, perfectly matching with the living room, attracts the whole family

Yungtay elevator for villas
Yungtay solution customized for villas
Purchase flow

Please first confirm you need to install an elevator in your house.

Contact us and we will help you conduct a survey and determine the installation position and load. Measure and acquire related sizes. We'll provide a blueprint so that you can customize your own installation scheme.

Get a detailed quotation, sign a contract and make payment. Place an order.

Make preparations before elevator installation, and coordinate with us.

Schedule the installation according to the decoration progress of your house. Assist in installation and debugging on site.

Inspect and accept the elevator.

● Data required for ordering an elevator

1. Rated load

2. Stop floors and floor height

3. Forms of car, entrance and exit

4. Blueprint of the building for elevator installation (whole-building steel structure map should be separately provided for any steel frame building)

5. Elevator configuration

6. Power supply and frequency

● Owner's assistance

1. The power supply and illumination switch for each elevator must be independently designed, and the switch capacity and power supply cord length must satisfy the designed requirements for the elevator.

2. Engineering construction of all building foundations, shaft separation and supporting steel beams, embedded parts, drilling, backfill and waterproof work, etc.

3. Wiring outside the shaft, including but not limited to power supply, interphone and CCTV system, etc.

4. Hooks must be set at the top of the shaft, and the load must meet the requirement of the drawing.

5. Cement, sandstone, water, electricity and power supply for elevator installation.

6. For details, please refer to the elevator contract and drawings.

Channels for ordering