Super Collaboration! YUNGTAY and Rongxin work together to create a wonderful intelligent habitat
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YUNGTAY established a strategic partnership with Rongxin Group the other day. The alliance between one of the top ten enterprises in the elevator industry of China and the admirable real estate giant enables both to fulfill their potential.

Rongxin Group

A flagship of China's real estate industry, Rongxin Group has been penetrating into hardware, software, and community, striving to be 'a leader in quality real estate, and a service provider for brilliant life'. Its rigorous requirements on quality and service coincide with YUNGTAY's business philosophy.

Seeking excellence in the same camp

Over the past five decades, YUNGTAY has been adhering to the product philosophy of quality excellence and following out the service tenet 'CONSIDERATE FOR YOU ALL THE TIME'; seeing quality, safety and service as the foundation for survival, YUNGTAY continually provides clients with safe, reliable and state-of-the-art elevators and escalators.

The present collaboration between Rongxin Group and YUNGTAY indicates both sides' recognition of each other's brand strength and development vision; it's believed that the present collaboration can give full play to their respective advantages in brand, operation, management and technology, thereby achieving a win-win situation of mutual benefit.

Ingenuity and Elaboration Products

With ingenuity, YUNGTAY seeks perfection in quality; the delicately manufactured high-quality e'IQ series of passenger elevators with small motor rooms and Vans series of passenger elevators without motor room incorporate innovative technologies such as smart ride, intelligent epidemic prevention, and IoT cloud service technology, which contribute to more efficient operation, more comfortable ride, and more energy-efficient operation of elevators.

Smart Ride Solution

1. Voice Call

Passengers give voice instructions for the elevator to go for destination floors. This system features fast response and high recognition rate.

2. Elevator Call by Mobile Phone

① Bluetooth Call

② QR Code Call

3. AI Face Recognition Call

Intelligent AI face information collection and automatic detection and tracking of human face lead users to their destination floors.

Intelligent Epidemic Prevention Technology

1. Anion Cleaning

The nano-photocatalyst technology purifies the air for dust removal and efficient bacteria control.

2. UV Sterilization

The elevator signaling system is linked in a smart manner to automatically control the UV disinfection for empty cars.

3. Antibacterial Buttons

The buttons made from special antibacterial stainless steel offer a perfect antibacterial effect.

YUNGTAY IoT Cloud Service

The wireless remoteness system makes it possible for YUNGTAY to integrate elevator status data, location of maintenance personnel, online customer service support and many intelligent management systems into the YUNGTAY Cloud for computational analysis, thereby creating an IoT system featuring big data sharing. This offers a reliable and efficient technical support for the implementation of the Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China.

YUNGTAY's intelligent products and quality service have been well received and reputed; more and more top-100 real estate developers choose to work with YUNGTAY to create ideal lives for urban population.

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