Focus | YUNGTAY Working with Country Garden to Seek Intensive Development in Shandong
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Located at the northern end of China's eastern coast bordering the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, Shandong is the home to Mount Tai, one of the Five Sacred Mountains, the birthplace of confucianists such as Confucius and Mencius, and one of the important cradles of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. In 2020, YUNGTAY will keep on cooperating with Country Garden to expand and intensify their presence in Shandong and jointly create a smart living space based on the integration of technologies and habitation.

Project: Country Garden • Laiyang Shoufu

Location: Yantai

As the first project of Country Garden in Laiyang, Country Garden • Laiyang Shoufu is planned to cover an area of 124 Mu, where the medium-height houses are upscale and deluxe. The geographical position is superior, since it's the origin of the urban area of Laiyang. Generally, this area is well developed. It's close to the resident of Laiyang County Government, surrounded by department stores, commercial streets, kindergartens, elementary and middle schools and other education resources; this project offers excellent accessibility of all aspects of life.


Project: Country Garden • Fenghuantai

Location: Yantai

As one of the key aquatic product bases in Shandong Province, Longkou boasts a large number of scenic spots and historical sites and revolution memorials. Country Garden invested RMB 800 million in the development of Fenghuangtai project, whose planned land area is 102 Mu. The landscaped gardens with exquisite design and refined buildings are furnished with comfortable and secure YUNGTAY elevators to enable people to enjoy the beauty of life all the time.  

Project: Country Garden • Fenghuang Liulihai

Location: Yantai

Located in the northeast of Shandong Peninsula, Mouping District of Yantai is famous for tourist attractions such as Kunlun Mountains and Yangma Island. Here, there is no severe cold in winter and intense heat in summer, and the climate is always warm and comfortable. Country Garden • Fenghuang Liulihai is located in the central area with complete supporting facilities. The complete surrounding supporting facilities include shopping malls, supermarkets, catering and entertainment spaces, healthcare facilities and education facilities; the project is surronded by over 10,000 Mu of pinus thunbergii forest, thanks to which, the project is near but not close to the sea.


Project: Country Garden • Tianyu

Location: Yantai

Located in the ecological residential section of Xilujia in Zhaoyuan, with an overall floor area of approx. 220,000 square meters, Tianyu principally comprises multi-story, medium-rise and high-rise houses. The park is furnished with a self-built kindergarten and commercial facilities that address owners' fundamental living needs; The landscape of the park is designed by master Liang Guokun to provide owners with more gorgeous living experience.


Project: Country Garden • Yunjing

Location: Qingdao

Country Garden • Yunjing is the first project of Country Garden in main urban area of Qingdao. It is endowed with complete supporting facilities, strong living atmosphere, and convenient transportation. With the goal of creating a neighborhood-shared acquaintance community where 'residence + commerce = life', this project follows up with the urban renewal of Shibei District to improve the city image.


Project: Country Garden • Feicui Huafu

Location: Weihai

Located at the easternmost part of the Shandong Peninsula, Weihai is the closest to South Korea in China. Feicui Huafu is the first project of Country Garden in Rongcheng. The project is located at a bustling focus area in the downtown center. The business districts, hospitals and schools, amenities, and unobstructed road networks provide an excellent living environment for Feicui Huayuan. The ingeniously assembled modern park equipment and the intelligent and technologically humanized YUNGTAY elevators add a strong touch to the long scroll of Rongcheng's development and construction.


Project: Country Garden • Junyuefu

Location: Weihai

Known as a mansion-series product created by Country Garden in Wendeng, Weihai, Country Garden • Junyuefu covers an area of approx. 132.5 Mu in total. Located at the main development axis from the urban area to the eastern urban area, and the project embraces the landscape of Baolong River and the unobstructed surrounding roads. In the residence community, the trees and lush vegetation form a natural oxygen bar; YUNGTAY elevators featuring patented safety technologies such as brake force detection and self-rescue against sliding guarantee residents' living safety and convenience so that they can feel free to enjoy the warmth of life.


Project: Country Garden • Qifengtai

Location: Weihai

Country Garden is intensively involved in the real estate market of Wendeng, Weihai by developing its third project, Qifengtai. Located in Wendeng's primary business district in the East New Town section, an important part of urban development of this city, the project is endowed with well-developed transportation, abundant educational resources in surrounding areas, and the quality supporting facilities of the new urban area. As a well-developed wonderful residence, the community is filled with birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, as well as fascinating scenery; it's overflowing with vigor all the year round.


Project: Country Garden - Fenghuang Yinxiang

Location: Weifang

Located at the core urban section of Anqiu, Country Garden • Fenghuang Yinxiang is surrounded by contextual landmark communities in a wonderfully located area. Inspired by the Chinese millennium habitat ideal for the secret realm of the land of peach blossoms, based on the soul of technology-driven household, this project is equipped with YUNGTAY express elevators, offering a seven-level stereoscopic garden and seasonal aspects, thereby establishing a new benchmark of 'downtown habitation' in Anqiu.


Project: Country Garden - Jiuzhoufu

Location: Weifang

As a masterpiece of Country Garden in the Qingzhou market in 2018, the hardcover wide-view houses open a new chapter for the habitation in Qingzhou. Boasting a building area of approx. 110,000 square meters, Phase I of Jiuzhoufu is adjacent to Qingzhou Meihe National Wetland Park and surrounded by a number of famous schools. The project presents luxury technology-incorporated houses as per the Group's supreme standard for 'Good House', and is furnished with YUNGTAY's quality elevators incorproating smart 'cloud service' that improves the wonderful living experience of Qingzhou citizens through good-to-excellent care.


Project: Country Garden - Boyuefu

Location: Weifang

Country Garden - Boyuefu is created by Weifang Xingdou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The project is expected to consist of 136-230㎡ finished residential buildings with standard configuration for Smart 5.0 Community that is equipped with the high-quality YUNGTAY e’IQ-R passenger elevators with small motor rooms to create 'five-star' houses for the citizens of Weifang.


Since its initial cooperation with YUNGTAY in 2013, Country Garden has purchased thousands of passenger elevators with small motor rooms and express elevators; their cooperation projects spread all over the country. Because of its failure-free operation, low consumption and high efficiency and other high-quality features and first-rate service, YUNGTAY has been highly praised and favored by Country Garden, and has been reputed as a 'Quality Service Provider for Country Garden' for several times.

360° All-round Safety Guard

YUNGTAY's proprietary patented safety technologies 'brake force detection' and 'automated rescue system for car slip' have solved the problem of real-time monitoring of the brake force, and eliminated the safety hazards arising from elevator brake failure. The efficient service system and independently developed remote alarm system are integrated with the GPS-assisted elevator maintenance management system to dramatically improve service efficiency and enhance elevator operation safety. The brand-new intelligent elevator sterilization technology and intelligent contactless solution guarantee passengers' health and safety; therefore, YUNGTAY has been at the forefront of elevator safety intelligence.

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