YUNGTAY's Epidemic Prevention Lineup Ushered in Another Upgrade; "Black Technologies" Changed Our Li
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In 2020,

a battle was waged against COVID-19, a novel pneumonia.

YUNGTAY was united with the whole nation

to take diversified actions for joint response to challenges.

According to Zhong Nanshan, elevator is a high-risk place for pneumonia virus infection in confined spaces.

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Intelligent Sterilization Technology

Offering All-round Improvement in Elevator Protection for Better Health Care

1. Anion Cleaning

The anion-assisted car cleaning system is designed for automatic sterilization for fresher air. The system generates 3.5x107 anions per cm3 through pulses and oscillations for dust removal and sterilization.

2. UV Sterilization

Ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelength are used to destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms, making it impossible for them to perform reproduction and self-replication, thereby achieving sterilization.

. The sterilization efficiency is as high as 99%.

. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is compliant with the Chinese national standard (GB).

. The elevator signaling system is linked to automatically control the UV disinfection for empty cars.

. The sterilization period is flexibly defined depending on customer requirements.

⑤. The UV disinfection is kept inactive or stopped when the intelligent sensing & protection device senses someone in the car.

3. Handrail Sterilization

Ultraviolet radiation is performed to sterilize the handrails that are easily contaminated with bacteria and viruses to provide passengers with a safer elevator operation environment.

. There is no contact, shutdown or secondary pollution throughout the sterilization.

. Safe voltage prevents the risk of electric shock, and the system is easy to install.

③. All ultraviolet light beams are enclosed to protect passengers' health.

4. Antibacterial Buttons

The buttons made from special antibacterial stainless steel offer a perfect antibacterial effect for a sterilization efficiency of over 99.9%.

Contactless Riding Solution

Easy call and smart epidemic prevention for riding safety

During the COVID-19 outbreak, YUNGTAY launched a variety of contactless call products such as voice control system, mobile phone system and face recognition system, so that passengers do not need to press the elevator buttons; this helps to avoid cross infection and guarantee operation safety.

5. Voice Call

Passengers give voice instructions for the elevator to go for destination floors. This system offers the following features:

. Satisfactory human-machine interaction experience.

. Extremely fast response in 0.3 seconds.

③. Excellent voice recognition; the recognition rate is greater than 95%.

6. Elevator Call by Mobile Phone

①. Bluetooth Call

Launch the mobile APP and turn on Bluetooth. The elevator activates its operation permission by recognizing the Bluetooth signal of mobile phone. The elevator automatically lands on the destination floor for smart riding.

②. QR Code Call

Launch the mobile APP and generate a QR code. After the QR code is scanned, the elevator automatically lands on the destination floor.

7. AI Face Recognition Call

The intelligent AI face recognition system collects video streams containing face images, and automatically detects and tracks human faces; once the face recognition is passed, the elevator will go for the destination floor automatically.

No difficulty is unconquerable,

and no virus is irresistible.

Winter will end, and spring will come.

Let's fight the COVID-19 together; YUNGTAY is in action!

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