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Good News!Yungtay Got Enterprise Credit Rating Certification!
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On April 23, 2019, 'The First China Elevator Enterprise High-quality Development Forum and Elevator Industry Market Quality Credit Rating Evaluation' was held in Langfang, hosted by the Productivity Promotion Center of the Construction Industry, organized by the Construction Mechanization Research Institute of China Academy of Building Research Co. LTD and China Elevator Magazine. It was announced at the meeting that Yungtay got the honorary title of 'Customer Satisfaction Enterprise with Level A Elevator Enterprise Market Quality Credit', with AA being the highest level of honor in the rating.

At the rating result announcement conference, in order to establish the philosophy of 'quality, integrity and customer satisfaction', build an enterprise culture with integrity at its core, and foster a safe, orderly and fair business environment, Yungtay and other companies in the industry jointly promised and proposed:


(The Initiative)


(Reading the Initiative)

Yungtay has adhered to the core values of 'safety, quality, service' throughout its work system.'Customer Satisfaction Enterprise with Level A Elevator Enterprise Market Quality Credit' is the full recognition of Yungtay's years of hard work and a booster for further construction of the credit system and raising market competitiveness.


(Prize Presentation)

After years of development, technological accumulation and independent innovation, Yungtay has won the honorary titles of '2013 Shanghai Quality Gold Award', '2018 National Top 100 Quality and Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise', '2016-2017 Contract Abiding and Credit Enterprise' and so on. These awards not only represented full trust and recognition of Yungtay, but also the encouragement for us to improve ourselves in product quality and service quality to meet customer needs, and create a safer elevator brand in the world!


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