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On February 10, businesses in Shanghai ushered in their first day of work resumption. In active response to the call of the Shanghai Municipal Government, YUNGTAY resumed the operation on schedule after establishing tight lines of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

At eight o'clock in the morning, there was a long queue of employees waiting to enter the YUNGTAY factory for work; everyone stood about one meter apart, wearing white, blue or green masks.

Love is everywhere despite the ruthless epidemic; the Company's care for its employees was everywhere. In addition to personal information registration, every employee had to pass through body temperature measurement, disinfectant spraying, alcohol application, and registration of the means of transport to workplace, before getting into the factory. The considerate caring actions enabled every employee to rest assured.

On the spot, Zhao Peihua, who has worked for YUNGTAY for many years, arrived at the factory gate at 7:50 a.m. today as usual. According to her, the distance that could be finished within 20 seconds in the past consumed her 20 minutes today, and the rigorous epidemic prevention and test surprised her; but she understood why: This is not a matter of our company, nor is it a matter of Shanghai, it is a matter of China; you have to observe the regulations despite the extreme inconvenience.

The heavy-duty disinfectant sprayer in factory could be rated as a 'virus killer', which made people feel at ease to step into the factory, having attracted onlookers and praise. The 'big killer' is designed to comprehensively disinfect public spaces such as factory shops, office buildings and regular buses, and to record the details.

It should be learned that this new 'virus killer' is designed to disinfect a 1,000-square-meter space with an elevation of approx. 3 meters, which indicates remarkable improvement in disinfection efficiency. The disinfectant is an oral disinfectant used in foreign dental clinics featuring light smell and strong disinfection capacity, etc.; moreover, since the disinfectant hardly stimulates human body, it provides everyone with a safe and secure working environment.

The central air conditioning system has been turned off in office buildings; instead, the doors and windows of offices were kept open for ventilation. Company leaders carried out the deployment of epidemic prevention and control through video conferences over the Internet.

At noon, packed food lunch was delivered to everyone.

The epidemic prevention notices in the Enterprise WeChat to employees made people feel warm.

'We are always ready!' The moved employees who went back home for the Spring Festival resolutely returned to Shanghai. During the 14-day quarantine, they performed telecommuting in earnest. Despite the risk of epidemic, they performed their duties and were determined to make their contributions to fulfilling their corporate responsibilities and social mission. What we saw was hope and the steadfast confidence in defeating the epidemic. After the expiration of isolation period, they went onto duties as soon as possible.

In 2020, we reimagine and restart

In 2020, we returned to work

Some of the content was quoted from 'Songjiang Shanghai'

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