Uniting as One to Take Tough Actions against the Epidemic
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This Spring Festival was made special by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19; for the last few days, China's making every effort to fight COVID-19 has been a focus of world attention. The virus is still spreading, while the epidemic is still climbing.

As this special holiday draws to a close, the use of elevators in public spaces is bound to encounter harsher challenges. For the sake of the health of you and others, to avoid cross infection during elevator operation, please stick with us against COVID-19.

We work with elevator users to take the following protective actions:

● Elevator cars are disinfected every morning and afternoon; buttons, handrails, and other parts in contact with hands are disinfected every 2 hours.

● The proper operation of car ventilation system is guaranteed.

● In case of elevator failure, please don't panic, since our maintenance staff will be on standby as always.

● Property managers or elevator managers are requested to open the car door during low-traffic hours to increase the car ventilation time.

All elevator users are recommended to:

● Please use elevators orderly, and avoid overcrowding in the car; the distance at this moment will surely produce beauty.

● Use elevators to the narrowest extent; residents living on lower floors are advised to take stairs more often to reduce the risk of infection.

● Staggered hours are recommended for business buildings and office buildings to reduce car congestion and minimize infection.

● Unless necessary, be sure not to use the elevator with others, especially strangers.

● Wear a mask when taking the elevator; minimize the frequency of contact with buttons and handrails in elevator car; don't lean against the car wall; don't stay in the car; try to keep your distance from other passengers.

● To reduce contact infection, passengers are advised to use spacers such as paper towels and gloves when pressing car buttons.

YUNGTAY offers wireless remoteness (IoT) system:

It operates 24 hours a day without interruption for real-time remote query and analysis of elevator status data; proactively informs maintenance personnel of elevator operation information, and works with the powerful online background expert support system to give early warning of anomaly, efficiently handle faults, and rescue passengers a.s.a.p. In addition, it provides users with a safer and more comfortable riding environment and smoother and more assured services.

We will take effective precautions to ensure elevator safety depending on requirements of local governments; in case of any comments or suggestions on the actions we have taken, please feel free to contact us. 24-hour service hotline: 4008202168 or 021-57632999.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Let's unite as one to make joint response to challenges.

Salutations are hereby expressed to each and every brave maintenance technician sticking to his/her duty!

Salutations are hereby expressed to every fearless person who braves the dangerous situation!

Go China!

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