Focus on safey in elevator riding

Focus on safety in elevator riding

We support safe and civilized elevator riding, and interpret the goodness of sustainable enterprise development through caring for people.

01 When is the elevator most dangerous? How to ride an elevator safely?

Many serious elevator casualties occur at the moment of door opening and closing, when the elevator door is just opened, people rush in or rush out, if the elevator car door closes abnormally or if the car moves abnormally at the moment, serious shearing and pressing injuries accompanied with elevator rushing up (when there are fewer passengers in the car) or rushing down (when there are more passengers in the car) will happen.

The correct way is to wait for two or three seconds after the door is opened, and confirm that the elevator car stop at a normal position before entering or exiting the elevator.

Or, such accidents can be avoided by choosing an elevator equipped with two safety techniques: 'Braking force detection' and 'Self-rescue against sliding'.

Yungtay techniques for elevator brake safety, active protection and active self-rescue, are closely matched with each other, and the braking force (stopping force) can be detected in real time every day or at any designated time, which is not only higher than the stopper (brake) test and verification specification (for normal braking action or normal braking force) in European standard FprEN 81-20: 2013 'Safety Code for the Manufacture and Installation of Elevators'), but also solves the hidden risk of elevator sliding caused by non-effective braking. Accidents of elevator sliding due to non-effective or insufficient braking accidents can be fundamentally prevented, and elevator operation safety can be highly improved.

02 How to use the yellow warning button on the elevator?

The yellow emergency button in the elevator is en essential safety device specified in the national standard. Whether the yellow button can work normally is an important guarantee for the safe operation of the elevator, and is also an index to measure the daily maintenance level of the elevator.

The safety experts of Yungtay Elevator remind users of following two points of common sense related to the yellow warning button in the elevator:

Regular inspection:

The elevator maintenance companies must inspect the yellow button regularly to ensure that the electrical wiring is normal and the battery power is sufficient, so that no tragedy will be caused due to button failure at a critical moment. In fact, as a part of the maintenance servic, it is always neglected by some small maintenance companies in reality.

Do not press it unnecessarily:

Like the Chinese story of 'A wolf is coming', the yellow warning button cannot be pressed unless any person is trapped in the car or an emergency occurs.

Parents must promptly stop children from indiscriminately pressing the yellow button for fun, and the property management department must monitor the video in the car to correct the wrong behavior of a few of uncivilized passengers who press the yellow warning button beyond emergency.

03 Why can't the elevator door be split by hands?

During the operation of the elevator car, passengers are prohibited from splitting the car door by hands. Once the door is split, the car will stop in an emergency, causing passengers to be trapped in the elevator car. The normal operation of the elevator will be seriously influenced, and the life safety of passengers will be endangered.

The elevator floor door cannot be forcibly opened from outside, or there will a danger of falling down the shaft, causing personal injury or death. When it is really necessary to open it in case of emergency, it must be opened by a qualified person with a special tool.

Never push, hit, kick the landing door or try to pry open the floor door with any hand-held objects, as such actions may damage the floor door structure and shorten the service life of the elevator, or even seriously, such actions may directly cause elevator failure and personal injury or death.

04 Is it correct to let the leaders, the elderly and children go first when entering and exiting an elevator?

Many elevator accidents happen at the moment when the elevator door is just opened and people rush in or rush out in a hurry, but if the car is not leveled, the car door closes abnormally or the car moves abnormally at this moment, serious shearing and pressing injuries will be caused. Or even seriously if car is not stopped at the door area, the passenger will miss his footing and fall down the shaft.

The correct way is to wait for two or three seconds after the elevator door is opened and confirm the elevator car stop at a normal position before entering or exiting.

Or, elevator sliding accidents caused by non-effective or insufficient braking can be avoided by choosing an Yungtay elevator equipped with two patented safety techniques: 'Braking force detection' and 'Self-rescue against sliding'.

05 Can we stop the elevator door from closing with our hands or feet when it is closing?

When the elevator door is closing, many people often use a hand, foot, umbrella, or trolley to directly prevent the door from closing in order to catch it to avoid being late, but this is very dangerous.


In most cases, the floor door and car door will automatically be reopened by the safety protection device and will not hurt people, but there will be a serious consequence if the door system fails. In addition, stopping the elevator door from normally opening will lead to repeated opening and closing actions of the protection device, and thus the elevator service efficiency will be degraded.

The correct way is to wait for the next time, or press the elevator calling button in the waiting hall or the door opening button in the car to make the elevator floor door and car door reopen normally.

06 How to take a pet on the elevator

As observed by Yungtay, pets, especially pet dogs, are filling a blank in people's life, becoming one of the sources for love and comfort, and a special channel for people to release their emotions, relieve stress, and feel affection. What should we pay attention to when taking a dog on the elevator? Here, six guidelines for safety are given by Yungtay:

1) When taking a pet dog on the elevator, try to avoid the rush hours, and let the dog wear a special muzzle to avoid hurting people and frightening other passengers;

2) When entering or exiting the elevator, the owner and the pet dog should go first in, last out, fast in and slowly out;

3) For a small pet dog, it should not be leashed but held in arm by the owner when riding the elevator;

4) For a medium or large dog, use a short leash instead of too long leash, and it is better to firmly and directly carry it on its collar;

5) After entering the elevator, the pet dog owner should press the button to keep the elevator door open, and confirm that the dog has entered completely before closing the door; never linger in the door area;

6) When leaving the elevator, the pet dog owner should press the button to keep the elevator door open, and confirm that the pet dog has completely exit before leaving the car.

People who have never had a dog can hardly imagine what it is like to live with a dog, and those who have had a dog can hardly imagine how to live without a dog. Yungtay hopes that the above-mentioned safety knowledge is helpful for all dog lovers, after all, as Darwin said, love for people has become a dog's instinct.