Innovative safety technology

Yungtay elevator, integrated with advanced techniques, protects the safety comprehensively and provides a safe and comfortable riding environment as well as warm and convenient service.

Active prevention + automated rescue in case of failure

Patented techniques of braking force detection and automated rescue against sliding

YUNGTAY's proprietary patented safety technologies 'brake force detection' and 'elevator slip self-rescue' have solved the problem of real-time monitoring of the brake force, and eliminated the safety hazards arising from elevator brake failure. The elevator braking force can be automatically monitored, and passengers' lives can be saved in the most critical 15 seconds.

Braking force detection

Patent number 200810037218.9

It actively tests the motor braking stability, and detects if braking operation is normal. Any abnormality will be immediately reported to the client service center of Yungtay for early warning and active maintenance.

Automatic rescue system against elevator sliding

Patent number 200810037219.3

At the moment before sliding, the main machine will automatically output a torque opposite to the sliding direction (braking is kept closed), and retain the sliding car at the entrance so that passengers can evacuate within the critical 15 seconds. When it is empty, the door will be closed and the elevator will automatically run to the top floor. At the same time, a report will be automatically sent to the customer service center for maintenance.

Strict test

Never compromise in safety and never relax in tests

In the two large environment chamber for extreme weather condition simulation, the whole elevator can be put into extreme temperature, humidity and fatigue tests according to aerospace industrial standards

Temperature: -20°C~60°C

Humidity: 20%~95%

A series of material, mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic performance, safety, durability and compatibility tests are performed for all mechanical parts and electrical systems with domestic and foreign high accuracy and multi-functional test devices in the test center lab according to CNAS standards

925 items are tested from product development to installation according to ultra-high safety test standards to give the parts high quality.

Escalator safety design

The advanced and intelligentized gantry assembly line, by which laser aligning and automatic adjustment, has a high automation level, high accuracy and high efficiency, significantly upgrading the escalator product quality and further improving the escalator safety and protects the passengers safety.

In the interlock rectangular design with safety margin, two sides are properly set on high intensity bed frames which are generally wider than the truss and closely attached to the front board to prevent bed board flipping or collapsing and ensure riding safety.

High quality rubber pads are set between bed plates and bed frames to control vibration, noise and dust

Truss is made of angle steel and completely treated against rust, applicable for various critical conditions

The structure, designed by CAE software, is firm and enduring with a favorable rigidity, and the deformation resistance is higher than 1/750 specified in the national requirement

Elevator safety functions